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Juniors : 01536 760361

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Homework will go out on a Tuesday and the length given to complete the challenge will vary, but will always be highlighted on the explanation of the activity. Tasks should always be completed as creatively as possible.  Maths homework will be given out weekly, usually via ‘My Maths’.


Children should wear a plain white t-shirt and preferably black shorts/leggings.

PE will be taught on the following days:

Mr Jacques – Monday and Tuesday

Mr Tierney – Monday and Wednesday

Mrs Vials/Mrs Aldridge – Monday and Friday


This year is the first year that the year 6 children will be assessed at the end of key stage 2 using the new format for assessment and also against the new curriculum expectations. We are aware that this is a time of change for all concerned; for the children; the staff at school and also for you as parents. 

Please trust that staff at school are working hard to ensure that the children are fully prepared for the new style of assessments and for the increased demands of the new curriculum. If you do have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.  There will be an ‘End of KS2 testing’ evening during the Spring term.  

The following website is aimed at parents and contains information that you may also find useful

Year 6 Curriculum