Infants : 01536 760486
Juniors : 01536 760361

Havelock Street, Desborough
Northamptonshire, NN14 2LU

Our parent consultative group meet with Ann Davey and Miss Allen every 6 weeks to discuss ways to make improvements to our school suggested by you. We will asking for class representatives shorlty

If you have any suggestions please let your representative know.

Who’s who?

Class/Group Representative
Rockets  Erica Calvert
Astronauts  Kate Somerville
Sparklers  Racheal Chapman
Goldfinches  Martine Henderson
Woodpeckers  Lynn Williams
Robins  Anna Hawkes
Puffins  Vicky Cheatham
Barn Owls Parent of Ciara Davidson
Peacocks  Karen Wright
Willows  Kelly Owen
Oaks  Ester Sippel
Horse Chestnuts  
Eagles   Kirsty Cook
Ospreys  Dionne Seago
Kites  Clare Brooks
Adventurers  Parent of Hannah Boaden
Explorers  Jeanette Wonfor
Anning  Karen Wright
Edison  Denise Dawkins