Infants : 01536 760486
Juniors : 01536 760361

Havelock Street, Desborough
Northamptonshire, NN14 2LU

Our parent consultative group meet with Ann Davey and Miss Allen every 6 weeks to discuss ways to make improvements to our school suggested by you.

If you have any suggestions please let your representative know.

Who’s who?

Class/Group Representative
Racing Rockets Mrs Hawkes
Astronauts Mrs Henderson
Sparklers Mrs Brookes
Goldfinches Mrs Cow
Woodpeckers Mrs Mutton
Robins Mrs Davidson
Puffins Mrs Sippel
Barn Owls Mrs Charlesworth
Peacocks Mrs Coleman
3MF Mrs Forshaw, Mrs Wright
3KWo Ms Womack, Mrs Downes
3JL/KW Mrs Lupton/Mrs West, Miss Drage Dawes
4CS - Mrs Spies Mrs Heaton
4MS Mr Skelham, Mrs James-Fountain
4AC/JH Mrs Cooper/Mrs Hornsby, Mrs Boaden
5JW Mrs Williams, Mrs Cow
5CW/JH Mrs Ward/Mrs Hornsby, Mrs Tromans
5PB Mrs Bodicoat, Mrs Cook
6RJ Mr Jacques, Mr Prins
6TV/LA Mrs Aldridge/Mrs Vials, Mrs Lawrence
6PT Mr Tierne, Mrs McElhinney