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From Septmeber 2019 both Havelock schools will be using abm catering solutions for all school meals.


Introducing abm Catering Solutions

We are delighted to have been chosen by your School as their catering partner, guaranteeing unrivalled at tention, expert support and most importantly, a servicetailored specifically to reflect your Schools needs and values. abm is an independentcompany based in Warwick who have managed food services in Nursery and Primary Schools for over thirty years and currently operate in over eighty schools throughout England. We are already operating in Northamptonshire and from September this provision will grow to provide the catering services at all Pathfinder Schools. 

abm in partnership with Havelock Schools would like to introduce our “Grow”brand to create an exciting and warm environment for the pupils. Additionally, we will be introducing a Soil Associated Bronze Food for Life standard menu that is specifically adapted to meet the needs of your group of schools. Using our experience and by working closely with the schools prior to each termly menu revision, we can adapt, evolve with trends and be flexible in our approach to ensure that you have the desired menu, however if children have identified any dishes that are not popular then we can make changes.

Great Food

We will launch new menus aimed at meeting the demand of a more discerning pupil base, offering them popular recognised traditional dishes both meat and vegetarian, jacket potatoes, cold deli and salad bar with specified recipes using fresh ingredients. This will be available throughout each lunch service taking into consideration the use of local foods and seasonal fresh selections.



Universal Credit

All applications are now made online via Northampton County Council Website.
If you need help with applying call into the school office, all details remain strictly confidential.

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