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At Havelock we use the Read, Write Inc phonics scheme which begins in the early stages by teaching all of the letter sounds as pure sounds alongside showing children how to blend for reading and segment for spelling. So d-o-g will equal dog but in order to keep the sounds pure avoid stressing the letters as duh-o-guh.

As the sessions progress the children are taught combinations of two and three letters (digraphs and trigraphs also refered to as special friends) which actually produce one sound (phoneme). Further along in the scheme they learn alternative ways to spell many of the 44 phonemes in the English language. Alongside this children are taught to read and spell “red” (tricky) high frequency words which cannot be decoded at their phase of learning. The overall aim of the phonics programme is for automatic reading of all words – decodable (green words) and tricky (red words). Reception and Yr 1 children have a phonics sessions 4 times a week.

Yr 2 children have booster sessions and focus more on the application of words and spelling. Parents are informed about our phonics teaching at annual information evenings, in our home-school link books and when they are invited in to observe phonics sessions.

The children have regular weekly one-to-one reading in Reception and four sessions of guided reading weekly in Key Stage 1. In the Guided Reading sessions, the children are grouped according to their reading ability and the session is led by a teacher or teaching assistant. We use a range of levelled guided reading materials such as Rigby Star, Collins Big Cat, Project X and Oxford Reading Tree. The children will read fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts.

At Havelock we encourage each child to read daily at home, to enable parents/carers and children to read together. We have a wide range of ability banded reading books from a wide range of schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Start, Project X, which we update regularly to encourage the children’s enjoyment of reading.

With this in mind we have a termly reading week when parents come in to read with their children at the end of every day and each class visits Desborough Library. We run a reading buddies scheme, whereby children meet up once a week with their buddy from another year group to read together. We run a hugely popular daily school library at lunchtimes. All of this is helping to develop our children as lifelong readers who read for pleasure.

Our website offers a range of resources to help parents support their children’s reading at home.

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